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Planning the Project

Murals & Trompe L’oeil for Indoor and Outdoor Areas

The Painted Wall can:

  • Create or reinforce a particular style – eg post modern, Provence, Fresco, Egyptian
  • Turn ugly elements into a feature or make them disappear
  • Open up a small enclosed space
  • Individualize
  • Add fun
  • Create an instant effect, while waiting for a garden to grow
  • Paint stone effects – be a cheap alternative to expensive building
  • Create a view for a window – make neighbours fences disappear in narrow side alleys
  • Create solutions for difficult spaces
  • Work directly on site – or prepare panels to be installed on site.

Working with Designers

  • Repeat a key design element
  • Can advise on colours and textures
  • Help develop ideas at concept stage
  • Provide written quotes
  • Produce concept and detailed design, and colour studies
  • Start and finish on time, and within budget

The Painted Wall’s Process

1. Preparing for Design Planning discussion with us

Prior to a site meeting with the Painted Wall, it is best that the client collect ideas and images that reflect the style or feel they would like created these can be:

  • Photos – of family, favourite plants, landscapes, travel, pets, statues
  • Colours and Colour themes – examples of colours or combination of colours
  • Styles – fabrics, textures, art styles, favourite pictures etc

2. Site Planning Meeting

We will book a site-planning meeting with you to discuss your project, themes and ideas. At this stage we like to spend around an hour with the client or designer. We use this meeting to generate ideas and concepts and go through some examples of different mural work to gauge what sort of image would appeal.

3. Concept Sketch and Quote

Based on the discussion at the site meeting we will produce one or multiple concept sketches and a quote to produce this work. This quote and sketches will be sent to the client or designer for consideration. The first concept designs produced by The Painted Wall are done at no charge, The Painted Wall retains full copyright of these designs and the designs are not to be used or reproduced by the client or designer for any other purpose unless given permission in writing by the artist.

4. Detailed design and development option

Once the client has selected an idea for the mural we can develop a detailed colour and compositional study of the project. To engage us to produce this we charge an upfront Concept Development Fee, this fee is calculated based on the quoted labor hours and is an additional 10%. Payment of the fee is not refundable and does not commit the client to proceeding with the project, but covers the artist for time invested in refining the concept prior to the project commencement.

5. Booking the Project

Once the client has agreed to a quoted design and would like The Painted Wall to proceed with the project we require payment of a 20% deposit plus materials and hire charges. Once payment has been received the project will be booked in consultation with the client and an approximate commencement date will be provided, this date is subject to change by The Painted Wall.

Technical Information


  • Any surface that can take acrylic paint (unless the surface is an un sealed and protected hazardous material for example asbestos)
  • Smooth surface such as Gyprock or plastered walling and board such as concrete fiber board provides a good surface for sharp line, illusion and perspective
  • Rendered or textured surfaces can be painted but is more suitable for softer imagery and effects,
    • concrete based rendered surfaces must be suitably cured (information on duration of curing should be sort by the client from the product manufacture or qualified trades person installing the surface;
    • acrylic based rendered surfaces are suitable to paint after the product manufactures specified drying time
  • Corrugated iron, custom orb, clip lock, or bessa block can be painted on however the surface texture inherent to the surface will still be visible.


Paints Used

  • Interior quality acrylic house paints, sign writers and artists paints for interior projects
  • Exterior quality acrylic house paints, sign writer and artists paints for exterior projects
  • Paint type and colour selection can also be specified by the client /designer to compliment existing for future design themes


How long does it last?

Most paint manufactures will provide an estimated life span for 10 years, this will vary depending on the exposure of the paint surface to UV and extreme environmental conditions. Strong colours for example bright red or yellow are likely to fade faster that other colours.


Pricing will be provided as a quote estimated from approximate hours of labor, this is calculated based on the wall size, technical difficulty, design detail and access to site. The hourly rate used in estimations is $85 per hour. The Painted Wall will work to this quoted price unless specific changes are negotiated with the client, variations will be charged at $85 per hour.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

All Artworks (black and white sketches, colour studies and the final artwork) produced by Helen Lindon and Melanie Spurling remain the intellectual property of the artists and all copyrights are retained by the original artists. As the client commissioning the work you own the image only for the purpose in which it was produced and are not permitted to make copies/reproductions of the work unless written permissions is provided by the artist and in the case of reproduction for commercial purpose a suitable license fee is agreed between the parties. The Painted Wall reserves the right to reuse the image produced for display and promotion of their portfolio of work and for reproduction for commercial purposes.



All fees charged go towards the total payment of the mural and are not refundable if the client chooses not to go ahead with the mural. The deposit in full or part is refundable if adequate notice is given, less any expenses already incurred by The Painted Wall such as purchase of materials or deposits/costs of items hired for the project. These terms are detailed further in the contract of engagement.


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